These photos are from a Great Horned Owl nest I followed in Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

in 2010. The nest was not very accessible. While sitting

on the eggs all I could see of the female was the top of

her head. The male hung around the nest and fed the

female, mostly at night. One day after the eggs (two)

hatched the male and female adults were sitting near

the nest with the chicks in the nest. Suddenly a

Red-shouldered Hawk flew in. The adult male owl flew

to the nest while the female flew across an opening in

the trees to a Cypress tree (Note the bad eye, totally

black). The hawk started diving at the female owl

(startled owl threw its wings up). She then took off and

flew into heavy cover. The hawk hung around for about

fifteen minutes before leaving the area. The owls were gone

from the nest area a week after I got photos of the owlets.

Great Horned Owl
by Ed Mattis

In late April, I kayaked across the lake and up the tree lined creek that flows into the lake where I live in northern Virginia. Far up the creek is where I located a pair of Barred Owls last spring, and where I had recently been hearing them again this spring. Therefore, I knew they were back. The question was whether I would be able to locate them again. Last year, the owls were in an area near the creek that is heavily wooded with very large trees and a heavy under growth. Much of the area around the creek also is a wet floodplain with pools of water and small streams leading to and from the creek. As you can see from the images in the lightbox, I was successful in seeing and photographing the pair of Barred Owls.

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There are 19 species of owls in North America. Although these raptors are highly sought after by photographers, they are difficult to capture as most are nocturnal and are harder to find during daylight hours. Below are the results of some succesful efforts.


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Ed found this family of Burrowing owls living in Brian Piccolo Park, Cooper City, Florida.

Burrowing Owls
by Ed Mattis

Barred Owls
by Stephen Tabone

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