Julia Flanagan

They say you know someone is passionate about something when they never tire of it.  For me that is being in nature.


Starting off life in a suburb of Chicago, my parents instilled in me a love of creation from the trees in our yard through the family vacations we took exploring the upper mid-west.  From the Wisconsin Dells, to Glen Lake in Michigan and the Boundary Waters of Canada I found fascination and good company in the realm of nature around me.


A family move took us to northern Virginia where we began to explore the lovely mountains of the Blue Ridge.  In time I attended college at Virginia Tech and earned a Bachelor’s in Forestry and Wildlife Management.  As a graduation present my parents gave me a 35mm SLR Pentax SuperProgram.  They turned out once again to be the impetus to explore nature, this time through the camera lens.


Now I work professionally as an urban forester in northern Virginia and use my spare time to pursue photography. Ultimately I see that my purpose in photographing nature is to convey beauty.  I especially enjoy photographing birds, but find beauty in all aspects of creation. I believe one of God’s main purposes for his creation is to reflect his own beauty, his own glory, that we might see it and be drawn to him.  So I strive to capture images that reveal something of who God is, seeking to draw the viewer into a deeper understanding of him and the goodness of what he has made.  Finally, I hope to encourage a greater appreciation and care for this natural world of which we are a part.


To see more of Julia's work go to: http://newearthphoto.com/


All Images © by Julia Flanagan

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