Ceasar Sharper

My photographic journey began when I took a photography course in college. The books and images of Ansel Adams provided my initial inspiration.  It was a long time ago when I learned the fundamentals of exposure and began to develop my eye for composition.


Unfortunately, my photographic journey stalled upon my graduation from college and commissioning into the Air Force.  After my military retirement and I eventually transition to digital photography and rekindled my passion for photography.  I once again began to seek out events, locations and themes to further my journey.


While I enjoy photographing everything from photojournalism to sports, my passion is nature photography with a special focus on photographing birds.   The Doug Gardner television series “Wild Photo Adventures” has inspired my passion for nature photography and focus in birding.   I have been fortunate to travel to birding locations highlighted in episodes of Doug’s television show.  I seek diverse locations that provide the opportunity to expand the variety of birds I photograph. Recently I enjoyed adding Crested Caracaras, Mute Swans and Black Swans to my list of favorite images.


My most successful birding locations include photographing the following:  Eagles in Conowingo Maryland, migrating Sandhill Cranes in Kearney Nebraska and waterfowl along Merritt Island’s Black Point Wildlife Drive in Titusville Florida.


My immediate goal is to expand my knowledge of animal behavior to support the capture of captivating wildlife images.


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